The series HZK 15 to 140 is equipped with a solid insulation, which guarantees a heat storage of at least 24 hours. Compared to other boilers available on the market, we achieve better utilization of engine heat by using much larger heat exchangers. Production sizes are available from 15 l to 140 l . On customer request we manufacture special designs, e.g. the installation of a second or third heating coil, for the connection of two machines, generator or hot water heating. Furthermore, we can install several cartridges. It is also possible to install different connections for motor circuit or drinking water side (for example, connection for remote thermometer etc.).

* certified safety

* six sizes

* completely made of CU

* big heat exchangers

* easy installation

* maintenance free

* cost saving


ModelItem No.
HZK 1400614002
HZK 140 liegend0614003

Technical Drawing


HZK 15350430
HZK 25490430
HZK 50810430
HZK 751150430
HZK 1151480430
HZK 1401950430

Technical Data

Content:140 l
Weight:75 kg
Heating up to 50 ° C:1 kW = 340 min
Heating up to 80 ° C:1 kW = 670 min
Cooling from 80 ° C to 50 ° C:30 Std.
Cartridge heater:2
Heat exchanger:2 x 1''