The Rheinstrom hot water boiler Piccolo fits in any boat and is available in the sizes 10 l and 20 l. With a heating coil and a heating cartridge as an accessory, it is very compact. By heating up quickly, it saves energy. The Piccolo can be used for floor, wall and ceiling mounting and can be installed standing or lying down. The built-in heating coil with ½ '' connection heats up the surrounding process water in a very short time. For horizontal installation, the ½ "cold water connection must be turned down and the hot water outlet must be turned upwards. When installed, all connections are at the top of the hot water tank. It is possible to install all available heating cartridges from 1 kW to 3 kW.


ModelItem No.
HZK 200590001

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Content:20 l
Weight:12 kg
Heating up to 50 ° C:1 kW = 55 min
Heating up to 80 ° C:1 kW = 100 min
Cooling from 80 ° C to 50 ° C:20 Std.
Cartridge heater:1
Heat exchanger:1/2''