The fire extinguisher LSFT-ECO offers a possibility for professional and efficient firefighting. The self-priming pump is made of aluminum (AS605). Thanks to the high quality seawater resistant materials, it is low maintenance. The tank volume is 3.6 l. A reusable hose system for flexible pressure connection is integrated (flat hose length 25 m). The fire pistol has a water and foam function. The mobile frame is made of stainless steel RAL 3000 and powder coated. The wheels are made of unplattable PU. A braking system prevents independent rolling away. Occurring fire can be extinguished optionally with water or a water foam concentrate.


Technical Data

Power max:400 l/min
Voltages:230V - 400V
Engine:4 kW
Weight:80 kg
Suction height max:6 m
Delivery height max:15 m
Pressure max:10 bar
Connection:1 1/2'' Schlauch
Dimensions:800 x 890 x 1145 mm