The fire-fighting mobile LSFT2 offers a possibility for professional and efficient fire fighting. The self-priming pump is made of aluminum (AS605) and is available with both gasoline and diesel engines. Thanks to the high quality seawater resistant materials, it is low maintenance. The tank volume is 3.6 l. A reusable hose system for flexible pressure connection is integrated (flat hose length 25 m). The fire pistol has a water and foam function. The mobile frame is made of stainless steel RAL 3000 and powder coated. The wheels are made of unplattable PU. A braking system prevents independent rolling away. Occurring fire can be extinguished optionally with water or a water foam concentrate.





ModelItem No.

Technical Data

Power max:400 l/min
Voltages:230V - 400V
Engine:4 kW
Weight:80 kg
Suction height max:6 m
Delivery height max:15 m
Pressure max:10 bar
Connection:1 1/2'' Schlauch
Dimensions:800 x 890 x 1145 mm