This Rheinstrom pump is a bilge and deck wash pump, which is suitable for pumping salt water. Due to its special construction it is insensitive to the admixture of sand (grain size up to 6 mm), rust or other pollutants. The use of a freewheel impeller and a modern mechanical seal make this pump almost maintenance-free. The motor is designed for continuous operation. We advise installing a foot or sleeve check valve when installing in the intake manifold. As a result of this measure, the pump needs only to be filled with liquid before the first commissioning. It is therefore not necessary to replenish the liquid column. Air cushions in the piping system do not affect the operational safety of the pump.




ModelItem No.
6E - 12V0462003
6E - 24V0462001
6E - 230V3006005
6E - 400V3006002

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Delivery rate max:80 l/min
Delivery height max:18 m
Suction height max:6 m
Pressure max:1.8 bar
Engine performance:0.55 - 0.75 kW
Voltages:12V - 400V
Weight:15 kg
Connections:1 ''

Spare Parts

  • explosionszeichnung_large
310462007Laufrad 6E
610462019Motor 24V Typ 6E
710462015Gleichringdichtung kpl. 6E
810462015Cu-Scheibe 8,0 x 13 x 1
943004016Cu-Scheibe 6,5 x 9,5 x 1
1010462009O-Ring 47 x 7
1110462011O-Ring 66 x 1,5

Repair Kits

Article No.
Rep.-Kit 6E0462095
1 x Mechanical Seal 6E0462008
1 x O-ring 47 x 40462009
1 x O-ring 66x1,5 NBR0462011
1 x Housing seal OR 124 x 3 NBR0462010