The MVI is a progressing cavity pump for pumping gray and black water as well as general liquids. The operating principle of the self-priming progressive cavity pump is that its conveying elements are the rotating eccentric screw (rotor) and the fixed stator. Due to a special profiling of both parts, sealed chambers form whose content is moved axial and completely continuous from the suction to the pressure side during rotations of the rotor. Despite rotor rotation no pulsation occurs. The pump head is made of bronze with a stainless-steel rotor.



Technical Drawing


343275257G1 ½” FG1 ½” F10515518719356580313120130200225

Technical Data

Delivery rate max:110 l/min
Delivery height max:40m
Suction height max:5m
Pressure max:4 bar
Engine performance:0.8 - 1.5 kW
Voltages:24V - 400V
Weight:35 kg
Connections:1 1/2", 2"