The sewage pump M is a self-priming diaphragm pump. It works without a shredder. Even bigger solids can be conveyed without damaging the pump because of the lip valves which have been installed. The self-locking valves make the pump non-reactive, i.e. it can be mounted to the side standing, hanging or sideways. The intake and discharge bent is revolving. This is necessary for better connecting possibilities of the suction and pressure hoses. The suction and pressure connections usually go from left to right. They can easily be changed, if the suction way should go from right to left or from the bottom to the top. All parts which come into contact with water can be ordered in red brass or aluminium. The pump can be delivered with a 12 V or 24 V motor. Continuous operation 1 – 2 hours. Attention: The cross section of the pipe should never be less than 1 ½“/ 38 mm – or the pump capacity will not be achieved.


ModelItem No.
M 12V RG0015001
M 24V RG0015002
M 12V RG gerade0015010
M 24V RG gerade0015011
M 12V ALU0015003
M 24V ALU0015004
M 12V ALU gerade0015012
M 24V ALU gerade0015013

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Delivery rate max:20 l/min
Delivery height max:8 m
Suction height max:5 m
Pressure max:0.8 bar
Engine performance:0.08 kW
Voltages:12V - 24V
Weight:7 - 10 kg
Connections:1 1/2''

Spare Parts

  • explosionszeichnung_large
133004017Innensechskantschraube M6
2270101045Unterlegscheibe 6,4
310350024Motor 24V
560104031Innensechskantschraube M6
610351025Motorgehäuse M-Pumpe_M50E
730811068Senkschrauben M6
9100104004Sechskantmutter M6
1010350001Gehäuseunterteil M50
1183004015Innensechskantschraube M6
1220350019Sechskantmutter M8
1420104033Unterlegscheibe 8,4
1520510027Zylinderkopfschraube M8
1610510026Kugellager 608 2RSH
2120101052Drucklippenventil Y2-Y10S,M,M50-FA,GWH
2220015008Überwurfflansch Rg
2320015009Anschlusstülle Y 2-Y 4 RG

Repair Kits

Rep.-Kit M0015095
1 x Membrane M/M 50/M50E/M50FA0350009
2 x Pressure lip valve0101052