The Rheinstrom sewage pump F has especially been designed for the discharging of sewage tanks. It is not self-priming and therefore it must be installed either at the lowest part of the tank or lower than the tank itself. A shredder which chops up the conveying means is mounted in front of the pump. In case maintenance has to be carried out the pump’s body can easily be taken apart. As it applies for all other products from the Rheinstrom range this pump has also been made of only the best and sea water resistant materials (red brass, stainless steel, aluminium). This pump is not suitable for continuous operation.





ModelItem No.
Typ F 12V0201000
Typ F 24V0202000

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Delivery rate max:70 l/min
Delivery height max:5 m
Pressure max:0.6 bar
Engine performance:0.3 kW
Voltages:12V - 24V
Weight:4.5 kg
Connections:1'', 2''

Spare Parts

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140111002Innensechskantschraube M6
240101045Unterlegscheibe 6, 4
310301014Befestigungsflansch F / FS370
410111012Zerhackerplatte Y8, 10, 10s, T, F, FS, GWH
510301017Zerhackergehäuse 2-Zoll
610111010Schleuderrad Y8, Y10
810301010Pumpenradgehäuse lang/ kurz
920111009Wellendichtung 16 x 30 x 10
1010301007Standfuss F
1110301016Niro-Welle F, FS370, GWH, Y8
1210112001Motor 24 VDC

Repair Kits

Article No.
Rep.-Kit F0301095
1 x Shaft seal Y100111009
1 x Flange seal Y8-10/F12-24/Z60/IP500111007