The IDROJET with pressure tank is an automatic fresh water system with mechanical pressure switch for larger yachts. With a delivery rate of 70-100 l/min and a water pressure of up to 4.7 bar, this system is suitable for up to 10 filling stations.

Due to the surge tank with a volume of 60 l, the switching intervals of the pump are limited. Only when the pressure template in the container has been used up, the pump is switched on. The pump can be mounted separately from the pressure tank.

The pump head is made of bronze and equipped with a non-return valve. The shaft is made of stainless steel and sealed with a ceramic mechanical seal to the engine.






Technical Drawing



Technical Data

Delivery rate max:80 l/min
Delivery height max:35 m
Suction height max:4 m
Pressure max:3.5 bar
Fuel tank capacity:20 l
Engine performance:0.75 kW
Voltages:24V - 400V
Weight:33 kg