The system is designed to be connected to showers, wash basins, kitchen sinks and all places where grey and wash water can’t run with the help of natural fall. The system consists of a durable collecting vessel, available in polyethylene (PE) or in stainless steel. At the front 2 inlet pipes 1" and 1 ½“ and a ventilation connection ½“ can be found. The discharge pump is our hard-wearing waste water pump F. On the inside of the collecting vessel there is a float switch. Due to the use of a pump with cutting wheel hair and kitchen leftovers are chopped and conveyed without any problems. The occurring waste water is disposed via a pressure pipe (1"). The integrated pressure lip valve contains a safety valve which prevents a flow back of waste water. The electric- mechanical control works the station up to a tilt angle of 45°.



ModelItem No.
GWH 12V VA-Gehäuse4030004
GWH 24V VA-Gehäuse4030005
GWH 230V VA-Gehäuse4030230

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Delivery rate max:70 l/min
Delivery height max:5 m
Suction height max:
Pressure max:0.5 bar
Fuel tank capacity:13 l
Engine performance:0.3 kW
Voltages:12V - 400V
Weight:max. 10 kg
Connections:1", 1 1/2"

Spare Parts

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114030113Gehäuse mit Deckel GWH VA
214030030Pumpe GWH kpl. 12V
214030031Pumpe GWH kpl. 24V
310111050Ventilflansch 1''
410111051Drucklippenventilgehäuse 1''
510101052Drucklippenventil Y2 Y10s M M50-FA GWH
610111029Winkel 1'' i-i
710111006Gummidichtung SBR67
814030018Mutter 2''
1024030022Kabelverschraubung mit Biegeschutz
1114030015Kunstofftülle 1 1/2''
1214030016Kunstofftülle 1''
1314030017Kunstofftülle 1/2''
1414030014Gehäuse für Schaltung
1510111024Relais 12V

Repair Kits

Rep.-Kit GWH standard4030095.0
2 x Shaft valve Y100111009
2 x Rubber seal SBR670111006
2 x Flange seal Y8-10/F12-24/Z60/IP500111007
2 x Pressure lip valve0101052
Rep.-Kit GWH master4030096.0
2 x Shaft seal Y100111009
2 x Rubber seal SBR670111006
2 x Flange seal Y8-10/F12-24/Z60/IP500111007
1 x Pressure lip valve0101052
1 x Floating switch zu GWH LFL2-CK-U-PVC34030021.0
4 x O-ring 5 x 2,50101046