Rheinstrom manufactures polyethylene (PE) tanks. The tanks can be used to hold water, diesel, feces or greywater. The material polyethylene is ideal for tanks on boats and ships.

We manufacture tanks for you according to your specifications and wishes made of polyethylene (PE).

The material polyethylene (PE) is characterized by:

• low weight

• not rusty

• low noise transmission

• Flavor neutral (important for water tanks)

• no condensation

• Odor-proof

For a tailor-made tank, we will need either a hand sketch, a cardboard or wood model, your old tank or a technical drawing. When planning, always keep in mind that certain free spaces must be considered for the connections. In addition, it is important that the tank not only fits into its destination, but also gets there (through the companionway, hatches, etc.). Each tank manufactured by us is manufactured according to your transmitted external dimensions. Sliding bulkheads in longitudinal and transverse direction are determined by us on the basis of statics and installed during tank construction. All tanks are pressure tested after completion. Thus, the tank is guaranteed to be tight. For connections, they are available in all common sizes from 1/4 "to 3". These can be attached both straight and angled to the tank. We recommend to provide each tank with an inspection cover.