This self-parking Exalto H.D. Windscreen wiper is suitable for glass mounting. All moving parts of the 235KG are protected by an aluminum housing. The motor can wiper arms up to max. 450 mm and wiper blades up to max. Drive 500 mm. Since this wiper is installed in the glass and has a different drive system from the other wipers, larger arms and blades are not recommended. The wiping angle is adjustable from 40 ° to 90 °, in increments of 5 °. The 235KG is available for a glass thickness of 17mm or less.

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Voltages:12V - 24V
Max. Arm length:750 mm
Max. Wiper blade length:800 mm
Torque:23 Nm
Shaft distance:50 mm