The P10 arms are specially designed for wiper motor 255BS. Exalto P10 arms are available for standard and H.D. bla-des till 800 mm in length, or for H.D. blades from 850 till 1200 mm in length. The arm is manufactured from stainless steel 316 and has brass, seawater resistant heads. The P10 arms have two fixed springs as a standard. If you want to adjust the pressure on the glass yourself, P10 arms with two steplessly adjustable springs are also available. The P10 arms have a swivelling blade clip, to adjust the position of the blade in relation to the window configuration easily. The arm has a black coating to prevent reflection as a standard. However, these arms with fixed springs are also available in high polished stainless steel.


Technical Data

Wiper arm length:einstellbar
Wiper blade length max:800 - 1200 mm